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How to distinguish true and fake seeds, and determine if they are fresh seeds?

  1. Quality Certification: Ensure your seeds come from reputable and certified suppliers or organizations. Work with experienced suppliers who adhere to standards for seed quality and purity.

  2. Seed Labels and Packaging: Genuine seeds typically come with detailed labels, including the seed's source, batch number, production date, and storage conditions. Check the information on the label to verify its legitimacy.

  3. Seed Appearance: Observing the appearance of seeds can provide some clues. Genuine seeds usually have uniform colors and shapes, while fake seeds may have irregular colors, sizes, or shapes.

  4. Seed Float Test: Conduct a seed float test to help differentiate real seeds. Place the seeds in water; genuine seeds typically sink, while fake seeds may float on the water's surface.

  5. Seed Seasonality: Understand the seasonality of the tree species you are providing seeds for and when they mature. Ensure that the seeds you offer were collected in the appropriate season.

  6. Seed Source: Know the location of seed sources and the background and reputation of the seed supplier. Fake seeds often come from unknown or unreliable sources.

  7. Seed Testing Labs: Send seeds to professional seed testing laboratories for verification. These labs can conduct tests for seed quality, purity, and viability to ensure your seeds are genuine and have the best growth potential.

  8. New Seed Certification: If you claim to provide seeds of new varieties, make sure you have the relevant certifications and documentation to prove it. New seeds typically require a series of trials and approval processes to be legally sold.

In summary, as a timber tree seed supplier, you need to ensure that the seeds you provide are genuine, high-quality, and compliant with legal regulations. Collaborate with qualified seed producers and professional organizations to ensure your seeds meet customer needs and comply with relevant regulations.

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