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Introduction to Overwintering Flowers

Many types of flowers can be started in late summer or fall, for overwintering. Overwintered crops tend to bloom about a month earlier than spring-planted field crops (with some variation between varieties), providing an abundance of high-quality blooms long before any field crops are ready for harvest.

Naturally, growers in different locations will experience different results. Some crops will overwinter successfully in your area, while others will not, and results will often vary from year to year as well. Plus, even if a particular flower crop overwinters successfully for you, it may not provide a financially viable opportunity, whereas others may excel in this regard.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to start by conducting your own small-scale trials before scaling up your production plans. Then continue to experiment each year, to see what is feasible and learn more about the limits and possibilities of four-season cut-flower production on your farm.

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