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Success with Brassicas

Naturix Seeds's has been researching, trialing, and selecting brassicas for the better part of 40 years. As our appreciation grows for the diversity, flavor, and nutritional benefits offered by this family of crops — also known as the crucifers or cole crops — so, too, has market demand for different, better options shot up.

For fresh market growers, providing a steady supply of the new brassica superstars can thus be very rewarding. Brassica production has become increasingly lucrative; nowadays, as a former U.S. president's aversion to broccoli fades into the annals of history, cabbage and kale really do mean "cash."

But growing brassicas successfully can also be challenging. A host of issues can arise if proper attention is not given to timing, temperature, fertility, and watering, as well as pest and disease pressure.

If you're interested in successfully growing brassicas that are not only healthful, but beautiful and flavorful (and, if you grow for a living, profitable), it pays to get familiar with these basics.

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