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Acacia melanoxylon

Acacia melanoxylon

Indigenous Australians derive an analgesic from the tree.[3] It was also used to make spearthrowers and shields.[4]

The wood has many uses including wood panels, furniture, fine cabinetry, tools, boats, inlayed boxes and wooden kegs. It is approximately the same quality as walnut, and is well-suited for shaping with steam. The bark has a tannin content of about 20%.[5] It may also be used for producing decorative veneers.

The tree's twigs and bark are used to poison fish as a way of fishing.[6] This tree can also be used as a fire barrier plant, amongst other plants, in rural situations

Plain and figured Australian blackwood is used in musical instrument making (in particular guitars, drums, Hawaiian ukuleles, violin bows and organ pipes), and in recent years has become increasingly valued as a substitute for koa wood.


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