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Albizia julibrissin seeds

Albizia julibrissin seeds

Albizia julibrissin seeds mature in Nov, commanly known as Persian silk tree or pink silk tree,  a small deciduous tree, native to southwestern and eastern Asia, grows to 4-15 m high. Flowering in June - July and fruiting in August - October.
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    The bark is dark greenish grey in colour and striped vertically as it gets older. The leaves are bipinnate, 20–45 cm long and 12–25 cm broad, divided into 6–12 pairs of pinnae, each with 20–30 pairs of leaflets; the leaflets are oblong, 1–1.5 cm long and 2–4 mm broad. The flowers are produced throughout the summer in dense inflorescences, the individual flowers with small calyx and corola (except the central ones), and a tight cluster of stamens 2–3 cm long, white or pink with a white base, looking like silky threads. They have been observed to be attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The fruit is a flat brown pod 10–20 cm long and 2–2.5 cm broad, containing several seeds inside.

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