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Andrographis paniculata seeds

Andrographis paniculata seeds

Andrographis paniculata seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】king of bitters, andrographis, India echinacea
【Latin name】Andrographis paniculata
【Climate zone】Tropical, subtropical
【Seeds No】0.93-1.5g / 1000 Seeds
  • Details

    【Plant height】0.5-0.8M
    【Smell and taste】extremely bitter
    【Blooming period】September to October
    【Fruiting period】October to November
    【Seeding time】in Spring
    【Sun/Shade】sufficient sunlight
    【Soil】prefers the warm and dry climate, fear of drought
    【Medicinal parts】aboveground parts. Chinese name: Chuanxinlian.
    【Harvest & Processing】Harvest leaves when flourishing in early autumn, dry in sun
    【Main components】Contains diterpene lactones (e. g. andrographolide), flavonoids, sterol saponins, such as sugar and
    condensed tannin, etc.
    【Pharmacological effect】Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, pituitary-adrenal exciting, immunity-enhancing, myocardial-ischemia preventing, platelet-aggregation inhibiting and anti-thrombosis, hepatic-protective and choleretic and anti-tumor, anti-fertility, anti-snake venom and muscarinic effects, beneficial to central nervous system
    【Property】Bitter, cold. Bitter, cold. Clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling the blood and dispersing swelling.
    【Cautions】It is contraindicated to patients with deficiency cold syndrome.

    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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