Artemisia argyi seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】Argy Sagebrush, Argy’s Wormwood, Folium Artemisiae Argyi
【Latin name】Artemisia argyi
【Climate zone】Temperate zone

Artemisia argyi seeds

  • 【Plant height】0.5m-1.2m
    【Smell and taste】Fragrant smell and bitter taste.
    【Blooming period】July to October
    【Fruiting period】September to October
    【Seeding time】in Spring
    【Sun/Shade】prefers sunlight
    【Soil】Wide adaptability, do not choose the soil, in loose and fertile soil, it can be cultivated better.
    【Medicinal parts】leaves and fruits. Chinese name: leaves: Aiye. Fruits: Aishi.
    【Harvest & Processing】Leaves: cut the aboveground parts before flowering in September of the first year and June of the second year, collect leaves and twigs, dry in sun. Fruit: collect in September to October when fruits matured.
    【Main components】Mainly contains volatile oils, such as 2-methylbutanol, 2-hexenal, tricyclene and artemisia alcohol.
    【Pharmacological effect】Anti-bacteria, asthma-easing, anti-allergic shock, cough-checking, phlegm-removing, hemostatic, and anti-tumor.
    【Property】Leaves: pungent, bitter, warm. Fruits: bitter, pungent, warm. Leaf: warming meridians, arresting bleeding, dispelling cold, relieving pain, removing damp and checking itching.

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