Deciduous trees, 10-15 m tall, DBH 1-1.5 m;The canopy is spreading, branches are many and dense, the stem branches are stout, many nodes tumor, often curved phenomenon;Bark thick, irregularly dehiscent, milky.Leaves oblong, 15-30 cm long, 6-9 cm wide, apex rounded or obtuse, base rounded or obtuse, upper surface covered with rust-colored fluff when young, posterior surfaces glabrous, midvein fluted above, below rounded and very convex, lateral veins more than 30 pairs, parallel, slightly convex on both sides, net veins fine;Petiole rounded, ca. 10 cm long.Pedicel rust-colored pubescent;Calyx lobes lanceolate, outer hairy;Flowers sweet, corolla lobes ovate, entire.Berry globose, 3-4 cm in diameter, edible, taste like persimmon;Seeds ovoid, ca. 2-3 cm long, yellowish brown, lustrous, scar lateral, oblong.Flowering in June and fruiting in October.


This species is widespread in tropical Africa.Yuanjiang introduction station in yunnan has a large area of cultivation.


Seed kernel is rich in fat, for important edible oil and important industrial and mineral oil, and can make margarine and soap.

 seeds (Persea americana) mature in September.

Butyrospermum parkii