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Bischofia polycarpa seeds

Bischofia polycarpa seeds

Bischofia polycarpa seeds mature in Nov, commonly known as Chinese Bishopwood, deciduous tree up to 15 m tall, native to China.  leaflets papery, ovate or elliptic-ovate, sometimes oblong-ovate, 5 - 9 ( - 14) cm long, 3 - 6 ( - 9) cm wide, the margins toothed with 4 - 5 teeth per cm.
  • Details

    Bischofia polycarpa seeds are brown-colored when mature, 5 - 7 mm in diameter, with oil content up to 30%, which can be made into edible oil, lubricating oil or soap. Bischofia polycarpa timber is hard, can be used to make valuable furniture replacing rosewood.
    It's also planted for landscaping and gardening.

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