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Camellia oleifera seeds

Camellia oleifera seeds

Camellia oleifera seeds mature in November.
【Common name】Oil-tea Camellia, Oil Camellia, Tea-oil Camellia, Tea-oil Plant, Oil Tea
【Latin name】Camellia oleifera
【Annual/Perennial】Evergreen shrubs or small trees
【Plant height】3-4M tall
  • Details

    Camellia oleifera
    Blooming: autumn
    Fruiting: late autumn
    Climate: annual average temperature 14-21 ℃, minimum monthly average temperature above -3 ℃, maximum monthly average temperature 38 ℃, relative humidity 74-85%, annual average precipitation above 1000 mm, annual sunshine duration 1800-2200 hours.

    The Camellia oleifera seed we supply is from a cultivar named "Cenxiruanzhi", native to Cenxi, Guangxi province(ruanzhi means soft branch).This cultivar is featured by fast growth, high productivity, high oil content and resistance to drought, cold and disease.

    Oil content of kernel: 53.6%
    Oil content of fruit: 7.13%
    Acid value: 1.34
    Camellia oleifera seeds are available from late November - next January.
    More information on commercial plantation is available upon request.

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