Keteleeria pubescens seeds mature in Oct.柔毛油杉 rou mao you shan. Hills, mountains; 600-1000 m. N Guangxi, S Guizhou
Some authors place this species within Keteleeria davidiana.

Keteleeria pubescens seeds

  • Bark dark brown or brownish gray, longitudinally fissured. Branchlets green in 1st or 2nd year, finally dark brown or dark reddish brown, densely pubescent. Leaves irregularly pectinately arranged on lateral branchlets, directed forward on main and cone-bearing branchlets, linear, 1.5-3 cm × 3-4 mm, stomatal lines abaxial, margin reflexed when dry, apex obtuse or acute. Seed cones glaucous when immature, ellipsoid-cylindric, 7-11 × 3-3.5 cm. Seed scales at middle of cones subcordate, ca. 2 × 2 cm, densely pubescent abaxially, distal margin emarginate or truncate, slightly recurved. Wing of seeds light brown, semitrullate.