Panax notoginseng seeds mature in Nov.
【Common name】Pseudo‐ginseng
【Latin name】Panax notoginseng
【Seeds No.】100-108g / 1000 Seeds

Panax notoginseng seeds

  • 【Habitat】Growing under hillside trees.
    【Plant height】0.2-0.6M
    【The herbal actual smell and taste】Light smell, first bitter and then sweet taste.
    【Blooming period】June to August
    【Fruiting period】August to October.
    【Seeding time】in autumn
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】prefers high air humidity, avoid salt and alkali, clay and swamp, prefers fertile sandy

    【Medicinal parts】roots. Chinese name: Sanqi.
    【Harvest & Processing】Excavated before blossom in autumn, washed, separated taproots, rootlets and stem base and dried.
    【Main components】Mainly contains saponins (e.g. ginsenoside Rb1, Rg1, Rg2).
    【Pharmacological effects】Hemostasis, blood-circulation simulating, anti-heart, brain, liver ischemia, coronary-heart-

    disease curing, anti-inflammatory, toxin-relieving, blood-glucose and lipid reducing.
    【Property】Sweet, little bitter, warm. Sweet, little bitter, warm. Dissipating stasis and relieving hemorrhage,

    dispersing swelling and relieving pain.
    【Cautions】Use with cautions for pregnant women.

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