Salvia miltiorrhiza seeds mature in July.
【Common name】 red sage, Chinese sage, tan shen, or danshen
【Latin name】 Salvia miltiorrhiza
【Annual/Perennial】 Perennial
【Climate zone】Subfrigid zone, temperate zone, subtropical zone
【Harvest time】 Collected in spring and summer.
【Seeds No】1.64g / 1000 Seeds

Salvia miltiorrhiza seeds

  • 【Storage】stored in ventilated, cool, dry place; Keep seeds from moisture, high temperature and bugs. Viable for 1-2 years

    at room temperature. Better store seeds at 5 centigrade.
    【Plant height】 0.3 m - 1m
    【Smell and taste】 Light smell, lightly bitter and astringent taste.
    【Flower】 blue and purple
    【Blooming period】 May to September
    【Fruiting period】 August to October
    【Sun/Shade】Ample light
    【Medicinal parts】 roots. Chinese name: Danshen.
    【Harvest & Processing】 Excavated the whole plant from Oct.-Nov. of the second year of planting after autumn sowing when

    the above ground part withers or before sprouting in the next spring, removed remain stem leaves, spread for sun-dried,

    softening the root, shake off the sediment (not washed), sun-dried to 50%-60% dried. Removed the root, sun-dried to 80%-90%

    dried, removed the fibril, and sun-dried.
    【Main components】Contains tanshinone, cryptotanshinone, isotanshinone, salvianolic acid, rosmarinic acid, alkannic acid,

    protocatechualdehyde, caffeic acid, daiclzein and isoferalic acid.
    【Pharmacological effect】 Cardiovascular-disease-improving, platelet-coagulation-inhibiting and anti-tumors, anti-hepatic

    injuries and antioxidative.
    【Property】 Bitter, little cold. Promoting blood circulation and dispelling stasis, nourishing the blood and calming

    mental state, regulating menstruation and suppressing pains, cooling blood and eliminating carbuncle.

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