Scutellaria barbata seeds mature in Sept.
【Common name】Riverbank Skullcap, Barbate Skullcap, Half Lotus, Barbed Skullcap
【Latin name】Scutellaria barbata
【Habitat】Growing on limesmarginis, paddy sides or moist grasslands.
【Plant height】0.15-0.5M

Scutellaria barbata seeds

  • 【Flower】bluish purple
    【Blooming period】May to June
    【Fruiting period】June to November.
    【Seeding time】at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn
    【Sun/Shade】half shade
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】Prefers moderate and moist climate,fertile sandy loam. Not picky at soil, avoid salt and alkali, clay and swamp.
    【Medicinal parts】whole plant. Chinese name: Banzhilian.
    【Harvest & Processing】Harvested in May, July and Sept from the second year of seed propagation; harvested once in Sept of the very year of vegetative propagation, afterwards, harvested trice per year. Sliced the whole plant, removed the weeds, wisped, sun-dried or dried in the shade.
    【Main components】 Contains carthamidin, iso-carthamidin, scutellarein, scutel-larin, β-sitosterol, stearic acid, alkaloids and polysaccharide, etc
    【Pharmacological effect】Anticancer, immunity-regulating, bacteriostatic, spasm-relieving and phlegm-eliminating.
    【Property】Pungent, bitter, cold. Clearing heat-toxin, dispelling stasis, relieving hemorrhage and settling pain.
    【Cautions】It should be given with great care to patients with blood deficiency and the pregnant women.

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