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Senna obtusifolia seeds

Senna obtusifolia seeds

Senna obtusifolia seeds mature in Nov.
【Common name】Sickle Senna, Oriental Senna, Semen Cassiae
【Latin name】Senna obtusifolia
【Climate zone】Temperate and subtropical
  • Details

    【Plant height】0.5M -2M
    【Smell and taste】Light smell, light bitter taste.
    【Blooming period】June to August
    【Fruiting period】September to October
    【Seeding time】in April, suitable temperatur: 15~20℃
    【Sun/Shade】High temperature and moist climate
    【Soil】loose fertile sandy loam, drought resistant
    【Medicinal parts】mature seeds
    【Harvest & Processing】Collect fruits when ripe, dry in sun and clean
    【Main components】Seeds contain anthraquinone compounds: mainly emodin, dianthrone, physcion and chrysophanol, aloe-emodin, obtusifolin, obtusen, chryso-obtusin, aurantio-obtusin、and their glycosides and sulfoacid, cassiaside. And also mucus, protein, sitosterol, amino acid and fatty oil, etc.
    【Pharmacological effect】Blood-fat and blood-pressure lowering, hepatic- and gallbladder-protective, and anti-bacterial.
    【Property】Sweet, little warm. Clearing hear for improving eyesight, moistening the intestines and freeing the stool.
    【Cautions】It is contraindicated for deficiency-cold syndrome, especially in case of loose stool due to spleen deficiency.

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