Solanum pseudo capsicum seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】Jerusalemcherry
【Latin name】Solanum pseudocapsicum
【Annual/Perennial】 Small shrub
【Harvest time, size, shape】 seed disc-shaped, flat
【Habitat】Growing along roadsides, ditch side and open field.
【Plant height】2M

Solanum pseudocapsicum seeds

  • 【Blooming period】May to August
    【Fruiting period】June to December.
    【Medicinal parts】roots. Chinese name: Yushanhugen.
    【Harvest & Processing】Collected in autumn, and sun-dried.
    【Main components】Root contains seven flavonoid glycosides, including quercitol-3-dirhamnoglucoside, quercitol-3-rhamnoglucoside, quercitol-3-monoglucoside, kaem-pferol-3-rhamnoglucoside, kaempferol-3-monoglucoside, kaempferol-3-monoglucoside (but the connenction between sugar chain and genin is not defined. Root contains coumarin derivatives, alkaloids, solanocapsine and solacasine.
    【Pharmacological effect】Having direct effect on cardiac muscle, anti-M. Tuberculosis.
    【Property】Taste pungent; little bitter; warm in nature; toxic. Activating blood and relieving pain
    "【the major functions & usage】Psoatic strain, sudden sprain and contusion. Oral administration: made as medicinal liquor.
    Odynolysis: treat impairment caused by overstrain lumbago. Jerusalemcherry seed root 1 liang, infuse into liquor 0.5 jin. Take 2 times a day, 5 qian at each time."

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