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star anise seed-Illicium verum

star anise seed-Illicium verum

Illicium verum seeds mature in Nov.
【Common name】Truestar Illicium, Anise Tree, True star Anise tree, Eightangle, Star Anise, Star Anise Tree, True star Anise-tree, Chinese Anise, Staranise
【Latin name】Illicium verum
【Climate zone】subtropics
【Harvest time, size, shape】Seeds brown, 0.7-1cm long
【Habitat】Growing in moist, ever-green and broad-leaved forests at altitude 60-2,100m.
  • Details

    【Plant height】up to 25m tall
    【Flower】perianth red, white
    【Blooming period】March to May and August to October
    【Fruiting period】September to October and March to April of next year.
    【Seeding time】in spring
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】prefers moderate climate and high air humidity, fertile sandy loam.
    【Medicinal parts】dried mature fruits. Chinese name: Bajiaohuixiang.
    【Harvest & Processing】Picked fruits in autumn and winter when they turn yellow from green and dried after being shortly scalded in boiled water or directly dried.
    【Main components】Mainly contains flavonoid compounds and volatile oils.
    【Pharmacological effect】Bacteriostatic, activity of white blood cell and estrogen enhancing, excitant; toxic.
    【Property】 Pungent, warm. Warming the intestines and dispersing cold, regulating qi-flowing for suppressing pains.

    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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