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Viola philippica seeds

Viola philippica seeds

Viola philippica seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】Taiwan Violet, Purpleflower Violet, Neat Philippine Violet, Arrow-leaved Violet
【Latin name】Viola philippica
【Seeds No】2g / 1000 Seeds
  • Details

    【Habitat】Growing on wastelands, in fields, hill-slope tussock, forest margins or thickets.
    【Plant height】0.04-0.14m
    【Smell and taste】Light smell, slightly bitter and sticky taste.
    【Flower】Purple or light purple, rarely white
    【Blooming period】mid-April to September.
    【Fruiting period】mid-April to September.
    【Seeding time】in Summer
    【Soil】prefers moderate climate and high air humidity, fertile sandy loam
    【Medicinal parts】whole plant
    【Harvest & Processing】Harvest in spring and autumn, clean and dry in sun
    【Main components】 Mainly contains flavonoid, glycosides and waxes.
    【Pharmacological effect】Anti-pathogenic microorganism, etc.
    【Property】Bitter pungent, cold. Clearing heat-toxin, cooling blood for detumescence.

    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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