Adenanthera pavonina, seeds mature in Oct, commonly known as Acacia Coral, Arbre À Église, Bead Tree, Circassian Seed, Corail Végétale, Coral Wood, Coralitos, Curly Bean, Deleite, Delicia, Dilmawi, Graine-réglisse, Jumbi-Bead, L'Église, Peonía, Peonía Extranjera, Red Bead Tree, Red Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood Tree, and Réglisse, Barbados pride, Peacock flower fence, Sandalwood tree, Saga, and Manchadi etc. 

Adenanthera pavonina seeds

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  • A deciduous shrub growing to 5-10 m high. Fruits are round or oval, 5-8 mm long, 4.5-7 mm wide, in bright red color.
    This tree is useful for nitrogen fixation, and it is often cultivated for forage, as an ornamental garden plant or urban tree, and as a medicinal plant. For example, the young leaves can be cooked and eaten. The raw seeds are toxic, but may be eaten when cooked.Adenanthera pavonina seeds have long been a symbol of love in China, and its name in Chinese is xiang si dou (Chinese: 相思豆), or "mutual love bean". The beauty of the seeds has led to them being used as beads for jewellery.