Atractylodes macrocephala seeds mature in Nov.
【Common name】white atractylodes
【Latin name】Atractylodes macrocephala
【Seeds No】26.5-37.5g / 1000 Seeds

Atractylodes macrocephala seeds

  • 【Habitat】Growing on hills. Widely cultivated.
    【Plant height】0.5-0.8m
    【Smell and taste】Sweet smell, sweet and slightly pungent.
    【Blooming period】September to October
    【Fruiting period】October to December
    【Seeding time】during March and April
    【Sun/Shade】half shade
    【Soil】well-drained sandy loam, avoid bottom land, salty alkali soil
    【Medicinal parts】rhizome
    【Main components】Roots contain atratylone, eudesmol, palmitic acid, hinesol, humulene, sesquiterpene lactones, such as, atractylenolide; polyynealcohols, such as 14-acetyl-12-senecioyl-2E, 8Z, 10E-atractylentriol, etc; scopoletin, fructose, inulin, mannan AM-3 and amino acid, etc
    【Pharmacological effect】Gastric-ulcer-preventing, intestines-movement-influencing, hepatic-protective, beneficial to gallbladder, antioxidant and anti-tumor, blood-sugar-reducing, anticoagulation, cardiovascular-system-affecting and anti-bacteria; toxic.
    【Property】 Taste bitter, sweet, and warm in nature. Benefiting spleen, tonifying qi, drying dampness, inducing urination, checking sweating and preventing miscarriage.
    【Cautions】Use with cautions in cases of yin deficiency with fluid injury by dryness-heat pathogen.

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