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Brucea javanica seeds

Brucea javanica seeds

Brucea javanica seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】False Sumac
【Latin name】Brucea javanica
【Annual/Perennial】Shrubs or small trees
【Seeds NO.】50 g / 1000 Seeds
【Habitat】Growing in open fields, thickets of mountain foot, or thin forest at altitude 950-1,000m.
  • Details

    【Flower】dark purple
    【Blooming period】Summer
    【Fruiting period】August to October
    【Seeding time】in autumn
    【Moisture,soil, temperature】Not picky at soil
    【Medicinal parts】dried mature fruits. Chinese name: Yadanzi.
    【Harvest & Processing】Collected mature fruits in autumn, removed foreign matters and sun-dried.
    【Main components】Mainly contains 30 kinds of bitter taste components which are structrally similar to toguassin.
    【Pharmacological effect】Anti-tumor, immune-system-regulating, anti-malaria and anti-amoeba.
    【Property】Bitter, cold, mild-toxic. Clearing heat, detoxifying, killing parasites, anti-malaria and corrode wart.
    【Cautions】It is harmful to gastro-intestinal tract, liver and kidney, so it should not be taken for a long time; it is contraindicated to patients with gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver and kidney disorder. Attention should be paid to protect the normal skin around the lesion with adhesive tape when treating and excrescence in topical administration.

    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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