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Dichondra repens seeds

Dichondra repens seeds

Dichondra repens seeds mature in June.
【Common name】Creeping Dichondra, Pony Foot
【Latin name】Dichondra micrantha,Dichondra repens
  • Details

    【Harvest time, size, shape】Seeds yellow or brown, glabrous.
    【Habitat】Growing on grassy slopes or roadsides.
    【Flower】corolla yellow
    【Blooming period】April
    【Fruiting period】July to August
    【Seeding time】in spring or autumn
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】prefers moderate climate and high air humidity. Wide adaptability
    【Medicinal parts】whole plant. Chinese name: Xiaojinqiancao.
    【Harvest & Processing】Harvested throughout the year, used fresh or washed, and sun-dried.
    【Pharmacological effect】Anti-bacterial.
    【Property】Taste bitter, pungent, and cool in nature. Clearing heat, disinhibiting dampness and detoxicating.

    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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