Impatiens balsamina seeds mature in Nov.
【Common name】Garden Balsam, Garden Spapweed, Toutch-me-not
【Latin name】Impatiens balsamina
【Plant height】40-100cm tall
【Flower】generally pink or variegated
【Medicinal parts】roots, stems, flowers and seeds
【Harvest & Processing】Roots: excavated in autumn, washed, used fresh or sundried. Stem: sliced aboveground parts when the plant flourish in summer, removed leaves, flowers and fruits, washed, and sun-dried. Flowers: picked when blooming in summer and autumn, used fresh or dried in the shade or upon fire. Seeds: collected timely in batches in August-Sept when capsule turn yellow from green, or seeds would be shot out when fruits get over mature. Threshed capsule; removed pericarp and impurities, that is medical Jixingzi.

Impatiens balsamina

  • 【Main components】Roots contain cyanidinmono-glycoside, lawsone, 2-methoxy-1 and 4-naphthoquinone. Stem contains kaempferol-3-gluco-side, quercetin-3-glucoside, pelargonidim-3-gluccoide and cyanidin-3-glucoside, etc. Flowers contain cyanidin, delphinidin and pelargonidin, etc. Seeds contain parinaric acid, balsaminasterol, a-spinasterol, β-sitosterol, kaempferol and ethyloleate, etc.
    【Pharmacological effects】Flowers: antiallergic, and bacteriostatic. Seeds: anti-fertility, anti-bacterial, antiallergic.
    【Property】Root: bitter, pungent, neutral. Stem: bitter, pungent, warm, mild-toxic. Flower: sweet, bitter, little warm. Seeds: pungent, bitter, warm, mild-toxic. Roots: promoting blood circulation for suppressing pains, disinhibiting dampness for detumescence. Stem: dispelling wind-dampness, promoting blood circulation for suppressing pains and detoxicating. Flowers: dispelling pathogenic wind and removing dampness, promoting blood circulation for suppressing pains, detoxicating and destroying parasites. Seeds: dissolving stasis and downbearing qi-flow, softening and dissipating binds.n.

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