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Michelia champaca seeds

Michelia champaca seeds

Michelia champaca, or Magnolia champaca, seeds mature in October, commonly known as  champaca, champak, yellow magnolia etc,  is a large evergreen tree reaching a height of 10 m. Leaves are 10-20 cm long and 4 - 9 cm wide. Flowers are creamy yellow with strong fragrance.
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    The flowers are used in Southeast Asia for several purposes. Especially in India, they are primarily used for worship at temples whether at home or out, and more generally worn in hair by girls and women as a means of beauty ornament as well as a natural perfume. Flowers are used to be floated in bowls of water to scent the room, as a fragrant decoration for bridal beds, and for garlands.

    The flower is sometimes commonly called the 'Joy perfume tree.' Many niche perfumers are now once again using Champaca Absolute as single note fragrances.

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