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Portulaca oleracea seeds

Portulaca oleracea seeds

Portulaca oleracea seeds mature in Aug.
【Common name】Shaggy Purslane, Common Purslane, Insular Purslane, Pusley, Herba Portulacae
【Latin name】Portulaca oleracea
【Climate zone】Temperate and tropical regions
【Harvest time】July to October, Seeds black, about 1mm in diameter, surface with fine dots.
  • Details

    【Plant height】0.1m -0.3m
    【Smell and taste】Light smell and slightly sour taste.
    【Flower】slight yellow or red
    【Blooming period】May to August
    【Fruiting period】July to October
    【Seeding timeFrom Spring to Autumn
    【Sun/Shade】not picky at light
    【Soil】better in warm, humid and fertile loam or sandy loam, but can grow in all types of soil, drought and flood resistant
    【Medicinal parts】whole plant and seeds
    【Harvest & Processing】Whole plant: sliced whole plant in August-Sept, washed off earth, removed impurities, slightly scalded(boiled) or steamed for a while, sun-dried or baked to dry; also used fresh. Seeds: collected when fruits mature in summer and autumn, sliced above ground parts, collected seeds, removed sediment and impurities, and dried.
    【Main components】Whole plant contains large amount of noradrenaline, dopa, dopamine, betanidin and oxalic acie, etc.; also contain large amount of amino acid and triterpene.
    【Pharmacological effect】Anti-bacterial, uterus-contracting, blood-fat-lowering and antiatherogenic.
    【Property】Whole plant: sour, cold. Seeds: sweet, cold. Whole plant: clearing heat-toxin, cooling blood for checking dysentery and removing dampness for relieving strangury. Seeds: clearing liver fire, eliminating dampness and improving eyesight.

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    Mark: As for all the herbs we supply here, all the medicinal information is only for your reference. Please consult with prefessional doctors for any application. Naturix-Seeds will not be responsible for any medicinal effects.

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