Schisandra chinensis seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】Chinese Magnoliavine, China Magnoliavine, Chinese Kadsura, Chinese Magnolia Vine, Magnolia Vine, Chinese Magnolia-vine
【Latin name】Schisandra chinensis
【Annual/Perennial】Deciduous woody vine
【Harvest time, size, shape】Seeds 1-2, reniform, light brown and glossy.
【Seeds NO.】10.79 g / 1000 Seeds
【Habitat】Growing on sunny slopes of holt at altitude 1,500m, or in forest margins and streamside thickets.
【The herbal actual smell and taste】Bei Wu Wei Zi:

Light smell, sour in flavor, after the broken of seeds, fragrant, bitter and pungent

Schisandra chinensis seeds

  • 【Flower】milky white or pink
    【Blooming period】May to June
    【Fruiting period】August to September
    【Seeding time】in summer
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】can not stand drough, fertile sandy loam
    【Medicinal parts】dried mature fruits. Chinese name: Wuweizi.
    【Harvest & Processing】Collected when fruits mature in autumn, sun-dried directly or after steaming, removed pedicle and impurities.
    【Main components】Mainly contains lignin, schizandrin and schizandrol, etc.
    【Pharmacological effect】Antitussive, phlegm-eliminating, cardiotonic, anti-hepatic injuries, liver-metabolic-enzymes inducing, antioxidative, anti-ulcerative, anti-renal disorder, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial; toxic.
    【Property】Sour, sweet, warm. Inducing astringency, benefiting qi-flow engendering liquid, tonifying kidney and calming the heart.
    【Cautions】It is contraindicated in cases of external pathogen existence, internal excess heat, acute cough, early stage of measles.

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