Scutellaria baicalensis seeds mature in Oct.
【Chinese name】Huangqin
【Common name】Baikal Skullcap
【Latin name】Scutellaria baicalensis
【Annual/Perennial】 Perennial
【Seeds No】1.49g / 1000 Seeds

Scutellaria baicalensis seeds

  • 【Best quality】Slender stem, yellow hard texture.
    【Plant height】0.3-0.8M
    【The herbal actual smell and taste】Slightly smell and bitter taste.
    【Flower】purplish red or bluish purple,
    【Blooming period】June to September
    【Fruiting period】August to October
    【Seeding time】 In Spring or Autumn
    【Moisture, soil, temperature】drought resistant
    【Medicinal parts】roots. Chinese name: Huangqin.
    【Harvest & Processing】After cultivation of 2-3 years, excavated after autumn when stem leaves wither, removed stem leaves near root, sun-dried to half dried, knocked off bark, sun-dried or baked to dry.
    【Main components】Contains baicalensis and baicalein, etc.
    【Property】 Bitter, cold. Clearing heat and discharging fire, eliminating dampness and detoxifying, relieving hemorrhage and quieting the fetus.
    【Pharmacological effect】Cough with lung heat, fever and coma, headache induced by hepatic fire, swelling pain induced by conjunctival congestion, jaundice with damp-heat pathogen, dysentery, pyretic stranguria, hematemesis and non-traumatic hemorrhage, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, fetal movement with fever, anthracia and furunculosis, deficiency cold of the spleen, prohibited to patients with poor appetite and loose stool.

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