Sophora flavescens seeds mature in Oct.
【Common name】Lightyellow Sophora, Light-yellow Sophora, Bittergiseng
【Latin name】ophora flavescens
【Morphology】 Deciduous subshrub
【Seeds No】49.63g / 1000 Seeds

Sophora flavescens seeds

  • 【Habitat】Growing on sunny mountain slope tussock, plains, roadsides, sandy places and red soil.
    【Plant height】1.5-3m
    【Smell and taste】Slightly smell, extreme bitter taste.
    【Flower】yellowish white
    【Blooming period】May to July
    【Fruiting period】July to September
    【Seeding time】in Spring
    【Soil】Wide adaptability, Can grow in all types of soil.
    【Medicinal parts】roots. Chinese name: Kushen.
    【Harvest & Processing】dig out roots in spring and autumn, remove root tips and rootlets, wash and dry
    【Main components】Mainly contains alkaloids and flavonoids, etc.
    【Pharmacological effect】Pant-calming, anti-allergic and anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic-microorganism and

    central-nervous-system-inhibiting, etc.
    【Property】Bitter, cold. Clearing heat, drying dampness, inducing urination and killing parasites.
    【Cautions】It is contraindicated for deficiency cold syndrome. Overdosage will weaken appetite and consume fluids. This

    herb can not be used together with Li Lu being listed in the eighteen antagonisms.

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